Services available

Therapeutic massage, sports massage, maternity massage, detoxicating massage and relaxation massage

Complete health check and natural health problem treatments (digestion problems, fatigue, infections and chronic inflammation, etc.)

Pain treatments
Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, migraine, joint pain, sciatica, etc.

Personalized fitness programs
Weight loss, posture improvement, increase of energy level

Zeina Raya’s Massotherapy and Naturopathy

Fully dedicated to health and well-being, this site contains information on nutrition, physical activity, massages and naturopathy as well as useful health tips.

Zeina Raya’s Massotherapy and Naturopathy is a natural health care clinic located in Montreal near the Monk subway station. Naturopathy and massotherapy are renowned alternative medicines that have been proven to be effective in the treatment and prevention of many health problems. Zeina Raya is a massotherapist, naturopath and health consultant. She is a sports, maternity and fitness specialist.

Whatever your needs or fitness level, she offers a wide range of personalized services in Montreal to help you reach your goals.

Moreover, Zeina Raya uses top-quality eco-friendly care products of plant origin, all environmentally safe and respectful of animal ethics, which are causes that are dear to her.